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Welcome to the Touchstone International website. Touchstone International Group is a group of companies operating under the Brand of Touchstone, Founded by David Rowe. in January 2011.

Touchstone is a concept which goes beyond just being Spanish Bank Repossessed Property Brokers, Property Developers, or Mortgage Brokers.

David has a vision for Touchstone to stand for honesty, integrity and for giving the general public Spanish Property deals that are normally only offered to Hedge Funds and Large Financial Institutions

The Directors of Touchstone have been assisting clients to own Spanish Property for over 20 years, they also own property in Spain and fully understand the process and offer down to earth honest advice.

We try to make things simple and easy and we hope that by you following our guidelines and taking proper professional advice, then you achieve your goals.

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OUR PROMISE: "To get the best deal for the Buyer, Our Client,"

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